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‘Silent Noise on Saturn’ – our new international modern jazz album:


You are welcome to listen:

‘Silent Noise on Saturn’ consists of 12 compositions, explorations, improvisations and new intrinsic melodies interlaced in duo sound.
Cheryl Pyle (New York City / USA) – flutes (+ magic flow)
Axel Weiss (Obernbreit / Germany) – acoustic and electric guitars (+ keyboards, strings,
bass, percussion, whistling & art)



© intrinsic records 9/14

Thank you very much for your interest in our new music. You are welcome to listen.
If you want to buy our new album, please send an e-mail with your postal adress to:

• Gapplegateguitar, 10/10/2014


‘FLOW’ – our first international independent modern jazz album:

You are welcome to listen:

Cheryl Pyle (New York) – flute/voice/poetry, Oddrun Eikli (Oslo) – vocals/melody lines/lyrics,
Arne Hiorth (Oslo) – trumpet, Stan Z (Kamensk) – piano, Sean O’Bryan Smith (Nashville)
- electric bass, Axel Weiss (Obernbreit) – all guitars/ac.bass/rhodes piano/compositions/art.

© intrinsic records 9/12

Listen to the story of FLOW – interview with Cheryl on WEFT radio:


Ein Kommentar auf “Albums • CDs
  1. Oddrun Eikli (Oslo / Norway) sagt:

    My dear friend and musical Companion Axel.
    What a wonderful and very beautiful musican profil you have here.
    Followed by your amazing and fantastic paintings.
    Music and Art to express the nerve in life.
    Thank you for all the music we have done this 3 years we have worked together.
    Music is Magic.
    Its more music to come. I am sure:)
    Thank you so much,
    love from your musical companion and friend in Oslo,

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