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Photography Ax.W.


I am a modern art painter and intrinsic jazz and latin musician from Bavaria (Germany), working as a teacher of art and ethics at a high school near Würzburg. In addition I am a lover of energetic art, music and photography, of free creativity, empathy, humanity and life. You are welcome to feel, to see, to listen and – hopefully – to enjoy : )

More photos:

••• https://500px.com/axelweis/about •••

• Spirituelles Raumschiff – Die Bruder Klaus Kapelle in der Eifel •

• Spätmoderne Sakralarchitektur •

• Zweite Moderne – Universität Leipzig •



• International awarded book design and science book publications in philosophy and pedagogics since 1990 (for example our science book ‘DTV-Atlas Philosophie’ – it runs with a circulation of far over 600,000 copies worldwide and translations into more than twenty foreign languages)
• Art exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally (Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Italy, Fiji) – some of my contemporary art paintings found their way to some intrinsic art lovers all over the world
• 40 years of intense experience in modern intrinsic music (jazz, latin, fusion, experimental), many international music collaboration projects since 2009 (in New York City, Oslo, Sevilla, Lisbon etc.)




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