“you know how to play right. now play wrong
and do this right.” (monk to his drummer)
.. you know how to listen right, now ..

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Spheres Cover Außen

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Silent Noise on Saturn
Cheryl Pyle (New York City / USA) – flutes
Axel Weiss (Obernbreit / Germany) – guitars, keys, drum editing, whistling, mix, art

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Cheryl Pyle (New York City) – flute/voice/poetry; Oddrun Eikli (Oslo) – vocals/melody lines/lyrics; Arne Hiorth (Oslo) – trumpet; Stan Z (Kamensk / Russia) – piano; Sean O’Bryan Smith (Nashville) – electric bass; , Axel Weiss (Obernbreit) – guitars, acoustic bass, rhodes piano, composition, art.

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