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• Welcome •

Thx for stopping by at my music page. You are welcome to listen.

I’m a modern art painter and independent musician from Bavaria/Germany, trying to fulfill my intrinsic tendency for original music with contemporary solo pieces, accompanied by new latin jazz and improvised free jazz projects.

Here you can listen to new solo music and some longtime musical collaborations if you like.
All this original work, either composed or improvised, is built on the basis of shared attitudes in music, (he)art and soul. Thanks a lot to my brilliant musical friends and their collaborating.

Spotlight on SoundCloud:


‘Silent Noise on Saturn’ – our new album: 


You are welcome to listen:

Silent Noise on Saturn‘ – On our second album we continue the collaboration and ‘FLOW’.
‘Silent Noise on Saturn’ consists of 12 compositions, explorations, improvisations and new intrinsic melodies interlaced in duo sound.
Cheryl Pyle (New York City / USA) – flutes
Axel Weiss (Obernbreit / Germany) – guitars, keys, strings, percussion, whistling, mix, art

© intrinsic records 9/2014


‘FLOW’ – our first international modern jazz album:

You are welcome to listen:

Cheryl Pyle (New York City) – flute/voice/poetry; Oddrun Eikli (Oslo) – vocals/melody lines/lyrics; Arne Hiorth (Oslo) – trumpet; Stan Z (Kamensk / Russia) – piano; Sean O’Bryan Smith (Nashville) – electric bass; , Axel Weiss (Obernbreit) – guitars, acoustic bass, rhodes piano, composition, art.

© intrinsic records 9/2012


Here is the MUSIC on the networks:

Homepage (music):
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9 Kommentare auf “• Welcome •
  1. Anuradha Padmanabhan sagt:

    An enchanting and enriching dimension of life ….
    which touches every soul with exquisite creativity
    and exalted nobleness

  2. Rolf Arnold Möhri sagt:

    Mit Silent Noise on Saturn ist wieder eine coole CD entstanden.
    Keep on ! !

  3. Sylvia Gerstner sagt:

    My dear schoolfriend Axel,
    you are so talented and creative in many ways. Thank you for sharing your passion for Art and Music with me and the world. Your Collaboration is a fantastic and unique Master piece which keeps us connected. Congrats! Sylvia G.

  4. Oddrun Eikli (Oslo / Norway) sagt:

    My dear Axel, musical companion and friend. Its a honor and pure joy to be a part of your exiting musical world. Thank you so much for music and art. And all the joy you give away. Love from Oslo, oddrun…and more music will come…

  5. Lieber Axel,
    da ist Dir ein großer Wurf gelungen. All die Aktivitäten auf nahezu einen Blick. Sehr sehr schön!
    Das motiviert mich, über etwas Eigenes nachzudenken. Was den Netzwerkgedanken unterstützen könnte.
    Liebe Grüße Frank

  6. Rolf Arnold Möhri (Obernbreit / Franken) sagt:

    Hi Ax,
    mit der Website ist etwas richtig Tolles gelungen.
    Geniale Mischung Deines ganzen künstlerischen Spektrums gepaart mit dem Können Deiner Musikerkollegen weltweit !
    Weiter so ! !

  7. I love to be a part of your wonderful musichen Instrinsic Artworld, Axel
    Thank you !
    Much love from me far north in Norway,

  8. Isabel Weiß (Würzburg / Bavaria) sagt:

    Hallo Papa!
    Tolle Seite, kann man richtig gut “stöbern”…
    Hab dich lieb!

  9. Helena Paglia Rios (Montevideo / Uruguay) sagt:

    Mi querido amigo del alma, what a wonderful site you have here! It´s a place where our senses can travel through Music, Art, Creativity … the best things in life … where my soul can find the song I needed to hear … the colors I needed to see … it´s a journey through the joy of being alive … I enjoyed a lot and will come often to fantastic place where magic is reality … muchas gracias, querida alma, love, music and peace from Uruguay :)

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